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VisitCalifornia's redesigned website works on mobile devices too

VisitCalifornia redesigned its website to work across all platforms, from home computers to smartphones

California's tourism agency wants you to see the state in a whole new way.

VisitCalifornia rolled out a new website Tuesday that's designed to inspire visitors, whether they're using a home computer, laptop or mobile device.

On the website, the "California -- Dream Big" theme tops a page that features specific itineraries up and down the state. Travelers can scroll a long list of potential getaways, with links to extra information such as current temperatures, weather forecasts and maps.

Among the online features:

--"Highway One Classic," from San Diego to San Francisco in 10 stops

--"5 Surfing Hot Spots," from Southern California to Santa Cruz

--"8 Great Glamping Destinations"

--"12 Wine Country Destinations"

"A curated gallery of California's abundance of experiences, the new offers compelling content that better embodies our dreamer lifestyle," Caroline Beteta, president and chief executive of the agency, said in the announcement Tuesday.

VisitCalifornia partnered with Sunset magazine to create fresh content and relied on Code and Theory of San Francisco for design and presentation. The updated website launches first in the U.S. and Canada with 12 global sites to follow.


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