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Frustrated U.S. fliers willing to pay to improve service, survey says

American fliers say they want more choices and better services from airlines, new survey says.

You're still frustrated with air travel, but you're willing to pay up to $4 per ticket to improve efficiency and have more airlines to choose from.

That's the word from a survey in mid-March by the U.S. Travel Assn. It found that 6 in 10 airline passengers wouldn't oppose the modest fee if it means airports could accommodate more airlines or cut delay times.

What they don't like are fees that don't improve service, like charges for checked bags and changing tickets.

And the survey reiterated what others over the past few years have shown: We're still not happy when we fly.

In terms of the number of airline choices, consider that four airlines carry 85% of American fliers.

Sixty-two percent of those interviewed said they remain "somewhat frustrated" or "very frustrated" with air travel.

The most annoying charges (airlines, are you listening?) are fees like $200 for ticket changes or cancellations, $50 for seat assignments, $25 for checked bags and $50 for priority boarding.

Overall, fliers say they are most frustrated by:

--flight delays and cancellations

--inability to accurately compare airfares because of add-on fees not included in price quotes

--airport security screening

--limited airline selections.

Info: U.S. Travel Assn.

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