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At Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, it's all about the terrain

At Lake Tahoe’s Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, it’s not location, location, location, it’s terrain, terrain and more terrain: a combined 6,000 acres of some of the most dependably snowy, scare-yourself-silly inbound skiing and snowboarding among U.S. destination resorts.

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Iceland’s remote Deplar Farm delights heli-skiers and adventurers

Alan Bernholtz grew up in the San Fernando Valley and surfed off Malibu. But the ski slopes of the Sierra — and later Colorado, Alaska, the Andes and the Alps — lured him away from the Pacific Ocean.

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A travel comfort zone is really a safety zone. But stretch a little and you enter the oh! zone

I awakened with a jolt from a peaceful sleep, roused by my parents, who insisted I see the moose that had wandered into our campground in Montana’s Glacier National Park.

The creature seemed a fitting reminder of the danger that lurks in the wilderness or, really, anywhere in the unknown.

Shortly after our animal encounter, we set off on a nearly 12-mile hike on the Highline Loop.

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Jasper is Canada's winter wanderland

Snowflakes tumbled lazily in the light of the train as it inched toward the Jasper rail station, where half a dozen elk foraged. They come for grain that freight trains spill on the tracks, a steward had told me on the 18-hour train ride northeast from Vancouver. The elk didn’t even raise their heads as I pulled my luggage past them on the way to pick up my rental car.

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101 Freeway near Santa Barbara is set to reopen, but local beaches remain closed

The stretch of the 101 Freeway between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara that has been closed since Jan. 9 is expected to reopen by Monday, Caltrans announced on its Twitter feed. Massive debris from deadly mudslides that flooded the roadway is in the final phases of being cleared.

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What's up for Jan. 26-28: Weekend Events for Southern Californians

French films or tattoos? Art shows or creative artists who go beyond disabilities? Or celebrating the Year of the Dog? Lots of choices are out there for next weekend.

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