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Where to watch Kilauea's lava flow hit the ocean on Hawaii Island

Molten lava is making a big splash on Hawaii Island as it enters the Pacific Ocean for the first time in nearly three years. Visitors can witness the lava flow from the Kilauea volcano by land or from the air with experienced guides.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory  says lava from Kilauea’s Pua Po’o lava tube reached the ocean at 1:12 a.m. Hawaii time Tuesday morning.

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Flash floods gush every day at Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Summer usually brings monsoonal rains to the Mojave Desert. For those who don’t want to wait around to see the big rain, a Las Vegas attraction shows visitors just how dangerous it can be.

The catchphrase “turn around, don’t drown” is brought to life in the Flash Flood exhibit, one of the most popular at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

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Cocktails and cots on horseback safari into Colorado's back country

Smith Fork Ranch, halfway between Telluride and Aspen in Colorado, has been long-known for its posh digs amid a spectacular outdoor setting. Now the ranch goes farther by taking guests on a ‘horseback safari’ into the back country for a campout.

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From LAX, airfare to London for off-season travel drops to $782 on Air New Zealand

Here’s a great round-trip fare for off-season travel to London’s Heathrow from LAX on Air New Zealand: $782, including all taxes and fees.

Here’s the catch: You must buy this ticket by Friday, Aug. 5. 

Other rules: It is subject to availability and for departure between Nov. 1 and Dec. 13 or between Dec. 24 and March 31. You must stay at least a Sunday night but you may not stay more than 350 days.

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Soberanes fire in Big Sur area: State park campgrounds in the area shut through Aug. 13

Six state parks in the Big Sur area have been closed temporarily because of the Soberanes fire raging along California’s Central Coast. California State Parks says campgrounds at two of the parks will remain closed until at least Aug. 13.

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Century Boulevard pothole fixes and repaving could thwart your next trip to LAX — starting now

Three upcoming construction projects may affect your drive to the airport if you take the 405 Freeway and Century Boulevard, one of the main arteries into Los Angeles International Airport.

The temporary road and lane closures mean passengers and their rides should plan ahead time-wise.

LAX warns airport-bound passengers and drivers to expect delays into August, an LAX release says.

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