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How does Vegas do fall? Flower peacocks and a talking tree come to Bellagio's indoor gardens

Peacocks made of roses and a talking tree mean its autumn at the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden in Las Vegas. Visitors will find serenity and tranquility, plus a bit of whimsy, in this floral tribute to the fall harvest season.

The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden inside the Bellagio hotel-casino resort, which is free and open to all, will show off its autumnal flair through Nov. 25.

The centerpiece of the “Proud as a Peacock” display are two representations of male peacocks, chosen because they shed their colorful feathers at the end of summer, much like trees lose their colorful leaves.

Situated in the West Garden, each peacock measures 19 feet long, with tails that extend an additional 24 feet. The birds were crafted using more than 14,000 preserved roses in colors that include shades of brilliant blue, brown and yellow.

In the East Garden, four chandeliers hang from a 25-foot dome. Decorated with crystals and rust-colored foliage, the chandeliers illuminate a woodsy path.

Steps away in the South Garden is a talking 28-foot-tall “enchanted tree.” Three friendly scarecrows stand nearby.

More than 45,000 flowers — including nandina, hibiscus, croton plant, purple fountain grass, zebra grass and hibiscus — were used to create the tribute to fall.

It takes a team of 100 people five days to create the displays, which change five times a year. New York events designer Ed Libby recently became the project’s art director and designer.

More than 20,000 visitors pass through the gardens each day. The conservatory will be dark Nov. 26 to Dec. 1 as the design wizards craft their annual holiday decorations.

Info: Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden (inside the Bellagio), 3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd.; (888) 987-6667


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