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Travel apps: Packpoint, an app that makes your packing list

You're packing for a trip, but making a list is a chore. The Packpoint app generates a checklist
Packing? Need a list? The Packpoint app generates one to help you get out the door

If you consider creating a packing list a chore, you might consider this app a friend.

Name: Packpoint

Available: iOS, Android

Cost: Free

What it does: Constructs an easy-to-use packing list whether you're traveling for business or leisure, taking just the basics, bringing a baby or planning to do laundry.

What's hot: The lists made with Packpoint were smart and quick to create. I was able to choose items based on activities on my itinerary and add original items that I wanted to include. After you create a list to your liking, you can save it and use it again for another trip. Do you make packing lists for others? You can share them by email, text message, Twitter and Facebook. It also lets you know what the weather will be like at your destination, saving you time and the extra step of searching a separate app or website.

What's not: I would like to print my list wirelessly to a local printer. I don't think I've seen that feature on other apps. I emailed my list to myself to get a printable copy.

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