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Sosh—Cityguide gives you the insider's view of cool things to do

Get the cool insider's tips on where to go and what to do in select cities with the Sosh app

It's as if your coolest cousin gave you the scoop on the hippest things to do in her city and put it in this app. Quick, give her a large tip before she thinks you're not worthy of it.

Name: Sosh—City Guide

Available: iOS

Cost: Free

What it does: Acts as a city guide to fun things to do and see (you choose your interests and neighborhood preferences) curated by real people gathering info from local weekly magazines, newspapers and niche websites such as Thrillist, Eater, Zagat, 7x7, New York magazine and more. Currently available for Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

What's hot: The app goes way beyond the usual guidebook recommendations to suggest unique things to do such as eat at a pop-up restaurant, discover the city's best artisanal cocktails or speak-easies, shop at a sample sale and more. I found a sushi-making and sake-pairing workshop in San Francisco on Valentine's Day under "Date Nights," Stargazing with Astronomy Enthusiasts in Seattle, Culinary Fight Club: Top Chef Meets Pop-Up in Chicago, and Bespoke Cocktails & Jazz Underground in New York City. Also available: upcoming events by the week and social sharing.

What's not: It asks you upfront if you're living in one of its destinations. So I lied to get past this velvet rope and start exploring. After all, the chances of me traveling to visit family in either San Francisco or New York are high. When I started looking at other cities, I could say I'm "just browsing" or let them know "I've moved there." Why do they care? Seems a little nitpicky to me. How about an option instead to request or vote on a new city?

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