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Gociety is a great way to meet great people in the great outdoors

The Gociety app and website help bring together active people who enjoy having fun outside

Have you ever wanted to do something fun outdoors but didn't want to do it alone? Here's a website that helps you meet new friends who are interested in the same thing.


What it does: It's a social network that aims to connect like-minded adventurers and fun seekers across a variety of interests: skiing and snowboarding, climbing, hiking, off-roading, scuba diving, cycling, running, fly fishing and more.

What's hot: The website and its iOS app (for iPhone and iPad) have a very inviting vibe. They want you to have a great time with good people in the outdoors. There are 15,000 members across the website and app (membership is free). When I clicked "Water Sports," "Fun in the Sun" and "Anywhere," I found an inspiring "Early Morning Surf and Breakfast" in Costa Rica and an island-hopping tour in the Philippines. Select "All" activities "Anywhere" in the filter to see the most results.

What's not: I'd like to see a more advanced way to search for activities by destination and dates. I can search "Newest," "Popular" or "Upcoming" plans from the home page, but I wanted to see those activities on a map. The next best thing is to go to your filter settings and click on the regions that interest you instead of "Anywhere," which is the default.

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