The California Bucket List: Your daily guide to the best adventures and experiences in the Golden State has tips for how to eat locally globally

Want to find authentic meals in destinations around the globe? Here's a guide.


What it does: The website is a comprehensive look at local dishes and drinks in more than 125 cities. Learn about and discover native and traditional foods in areas where you might travel.

What's hot: Eat Your World has been around for a few years, which means it is well stocked with anecdotes about memorable foods, enticing photos of meals and epicurious-themed travel stories. It's useful to look at when preparing for a trip, and armchair travelers will find it fascinating to read too. Some interesting articles include "Anatomy of a West Coast Jewish Deli," "Buffalo on the Ceiling, Pancakes on the Floor" and "Where to Eat (Absurdly Good) Nordic Food in Copenhagen." If you want to contribute montages from your travels, you can. It also has city guides you can download for your Kindle.

What's not: The search bar at the top of the page did not work well for me. It came up with zero results when I was searching Barcelona, Spain; Charleston, S.C.; and Oakland. I knew that couldn't be right, but I quickly found plenty of information for those cities by using the map in the Destinations section.

— Jen Leo

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