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Gear: Recoil Winders untangle your cords and cables

Recoil Winders help keep your electronics' cords and cables from becoming one giant snarl.

Cords and cables will come and go, but they will always get tangled, except if you have Recoil Winders.

Recoil Winders, little spring-loaded double disks look like elongated yo-yos, but work to manage the myriad wires that go with our electronic devices.

You fold a cable in half, loop the folded end over a built-in hook between the rewinder’s two disks, and give a little tug. When you pull back, the spring-loaded mechanism recoils automatically, with the cord wound between the disks.

The brightly colored plastic organizers come in small for diminutive earbuds without microphones; medium for USB cords, headphones and phone charger cables up to 4 feet long; and large for thicker cords for laptops, tablets and gaming devices.

The rewinders are sold individually or in a combo pack of three. Small, medium or large costs $9.99 each; combo packs are $27.99. Cords not included.

Info: Recoil Winders

—Judi Dash

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