Gear: Recoil Winders untangle your cords and cables

Recoil Winders can handle a variety of electronics cables.

Cords and cables will come and go, but they will always get tangled, except if you have Recoil Winders.

Recoil Winders, little spring-loaded double disks look like elongated yo-yos, but work to manage the myriad wires that go with our electronic devices.


You fold a cable in half, loop the folded end over a built-in hook between the rewinder's two disks, and give a little tug. When you pull back, the spring-loaded mechanism recoils automatically, with the cord wound between the disks.

The brightly colored plastic organizers come in small for diminutive earbuds without microphones; medium for USB cords, headphones and phone charger cables up to 4 feet long; and large for thicker cords for laptops, tablets and gaming devices.

The rewinders are sold individually or in a combo pack of three. Small, medium or large costs $9.99 each; combo packs are $27.99. Cords not included.

Info: Recoil Winders

—Judi Dash

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