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Gear: Water and your tablet do mix, if you use this submersible cover

Cases from Satechi protect your tablet from the elements and even allow you to use your camera up to 20 feet.

Just when you thought there was at least one place your tablet might not seduce you — underwater — here comes the Satechi Waterproof Tablet Case Series.

The case is so impermeable it floats. It’s submersible up to 20 feet so you can’t escape even while snorkeling (although you can take photos and videos).

The tablet slides into a built-in really heavy-duty Ziploc-like compartment with a double waterproof “zip” seal. About 2 1/2 inches of the “bag” extends to the left of the tablet holding area, and is tightly rolled over itself three times then doubly sealed with a Velcro strip running the vertical length of the “Ziploc-ed” edge.

This provides users with full control of the tablet’s touch screen via the covering’s transparent touch-sensitive front panel. The case’s book-like front cover closes with a magnetic clasp and can be converted into a stand.

The case comes in sizes compatible with the iPad Air, iPad Mini or Kindle PaperWhite, with models for more electronic devices on the way.

Info: Satechi Waterproof Tablet Cases (search for waterproof case) cost $24.99.

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