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Jewelinx keeps your baubles, bangles and beads in order when you're on the road (or at home)

When traveling I like to set out, ahead of time, the day’s or evening’s clothing, complete with jewelry. I’ve usually hung my necklace, bangle bracelets and a ring or three from the head of the hanger holding my outfit.

Jewelinx has a better system. This simple but ingenious organizer consists a 4 1/2-inch-long by 3-inch-wide flattish plastic “tree,” which has a pair of integrated plastic prongs protruding from the front (for draping necklaces), and, below them, two outwardly upcurving hooks for bracelets, rings, a watch.

Pairs of holes in the sturdy plastic, in varying sizes, provide spaces for securing pierced or clip-on earrings.

An integrated rigid plastic loop on the back of the Jewelinx slips over the hanger head. That means you also can see how your jewelry looks with your outfit.

And you virtually can’t miss it when you’re packing to go home. It comes in white, black or strawberry pink and can be purchased individually or in combo-colored packs of five or seven for laying out a week’s worth of looks.

Info: Jewelinx costs $10.99; combo-colored five-pack, $49.99; seven-pack, $69.99.

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