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Kindness One: Across the Pacific by ship, home on the horizon

As of this writing, I have been on the road for 100 days, going around the world on a motorcycle trip that’s been supported by other people’s kindness.  I started in August at the famed Hollywood sign and have crossed three continents and, by journey’s end, two huge bodies of water.

This is the final day of the Asian leg of my journey as I head off across the Pacific Ocean on a container ship. Before I left on this epic journey I had called all the container lines of the world and asked for a free ride across the oceans so that my bright-yellow motorcycle, which I’ve dubbed Kindness One, and I could circumnavigate the globe. All of them said no but one.

 This company believed in my journey and my mission.  Its faith in me and generosity have made the completion of this trip possible.  As I write, Kindness One is being loaded on board the ship and I am ready to make my final crossing back home.

This ship will take us to Vancouver, Canada, where I will touch North American soil for the first time in nearly four months. I will drive my trusty motorbike back to the Hollywood sign and then the greatest journey of my life will come to and end.  

 Until then, I’ll be spending the next days reminiscing  about  a journey that has changed my perception of the world and has taught me lessons I would never have learned from a book or a movie. All of it will stay with me long after I see that fabled Hollywood sign.

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