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Nevada's 'Loneliest Road in America' turns 100

Hard to believe, but the route that Life magazine once labeled the "Loneliest Road in America" -- U.S. Highway 50 in Nevada -- marks its centenary this summer. It's part of the Lincoln Highway, one of America's first coast-to-coast roads, stretching across 14 states from New York City's Times Square to San Francisco's Lincoln Park. In 1913, automotive visionaries gathered and dreamed up the transcontinental route, partly as a way to ease travel, partly out of the desire to sell more cars. In Nevada, it traversed much the same route as that used by Pony Express riders of the 19th century, across the center of the state, east to west. The high desert, historic villages and the feeling of aloneness make for a unique road trip, one that Lincoln Highway fans -- many of them in vintage automobiles -- experienced during the centennial celebration in June.

-- Jay Jones

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