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Lyft shaves off its fuzzy pink mustache for new Glowstache

It's out with the fuzzy pink mustache, in with the Glowstache for car service Lyft

Lyft lovers, kiss that big, fuzzy pink mustache goodbye. The goofy stache strapped to the front of Lyft cars will vanish, and the Glowstache will take its place.

"The future is here, and it's bright pink. Introducing the Glowstache," Lyft wrote on its Facebook page and on Twitter. The hand-sized trademark will be placed inside the driver's car on the dashboard.

"It'll be a much better fit for my Audi," Bryan Mamaril (@bmamaril) tweeted back.

The company made this statement by email on Tuesday: "The new Glowstache marks an exciting moment for Lyft as we embark on the next chapter of our growth. We’ll begin rolling the Glowstache out to Lyft drivers across the country in the coming weeks."

Wired magazine describes it as mustache 2.0. It also recounted how Lyft President John Zimmer in 2012 liked it because it made people smile. Now he's had a change of heart.

"It was this big, giant fuzzy thing," he told Wired. "If you were going to an important business meeting, it might not be the best way to roll up."

And from a pragmatic standpoint, the Glowstache will be easier for drivers to use, Wired notes. They just stick it onto their dashboard and they're done.

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