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Photographer believes in sharing photos; otherwise, why have them?

When Anna Hall was a child, her father gave her a Brownie camera for Christmas. The Oceanside resident has moved on from Brownies, but she still takes pictures.

Hall sees photos as a way of recording life's experiences. After trips, she makes a book from her photos.

"I know so many people that have them on their computers or phone, but how often do they go back and look at them or even share them?" she said.

Hall has been particularly diligent about sharing. She has been sharing travel images with the L.A. Times Travel section since she submitted photos for our 2014 reader photo issue. A photograph of her grandkids, Alyssa and Jacob, at San Diego's Waterfront Park, appeared in "Your Scene."

In another in our series "The People Behind the Places,"  the occasional stories about those who contribute photos to Los Angeles Times Travel, we asked Hall to tell us about her inspiration for travel and photography.

Why do you travel?

I've never felt rooted to any area. I came to the U.S. from Holland when I was 5 years old. I have only one cousin in the U.S. The rest of my extended family is spread throughout the world. I enjoy visiting places and trying new things. I'm an outdoors person and have to keep busy. I always felt that I saw things others didn't.

What led you to photography?

My dad used to always take movies of us, and I was given a Brownie camera for Christmas when I was growing up.

Do you keep your camera handy? 

I usually keep my camera with me in the car. My friends and family get tired of me pulling over or taking an unplanned exit just to get a shot.

What's your most memorable photo?

All of my photos are memorable as I journey through life. I'm a real advocate of printing them or posting them. I know so many people who have them on their computers or phone, but how often do they go back and look at them or even share them? I've created a gallery in my home, and I make books after I go on a trip.

My favorite photo would have to be of an Indian girl from a powwow that won a prize in my first contest. It gave me the confidence to grow as a photographer.

What's your best trip?

My best trip would have to be New Mexico. Between the hot air balloon festival and the beauty of Santa Fe and Taos, I didn't want the trip to end.

"The People Behind the Places" is an occasional series that profiles aspiring photographers and readers whose photography has caught our eye. If you're interested in sharing your work with us, visit our Flickr page. You can also email

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