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China's terra-cotta warriors are as close as Indianapolis

The terra-cotta warriors, discovered in 1974 in China, will be on display in Indianapolis through Nov. 2

You need not go to China to see the famed terra-cotta warriors. Beginning this week, they’re as close as Indianapolis.

On Saturday, "Terra Cotta Warriors: The Emperor’s Painted Army" opens at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis featuring some of the Xian terra-cotta warriors from Shaanxi province.

Eight warriors, including an armored general, two archers and a painted head (making its first U.S. appearance) join more than 100 period artifacts in this display, which runs through Nov. 2.

The tomb complex where Chinese farmers discovered the figures in 1974 spans 20 square miles. Experts think more than 700,000 laborers worked 30 years to create 130 chariots, 670 horses and more than 8,000 soldiers. No two soldiers are alike, and only 2,000-plus soldiers have been unearthed to date.

The museum is the only U.S. location that will house the real terra-cotta warriors this year. (A video shows how the museum uncrated these Chinese treasures.)

The museum will simultaneously open a companion exhibition about modern China that will run for three to four years. "Take Me There: China" has immersive exhibits that cover giant panda conservation, calligraphy, arts, tea and more.

Info: General admission is $19.50 for adults (includes "Take Me There: China," plus $10 timed adult ticket for "Terra Cotta Warriors"). (317) 334-3322

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