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Meteora, Greece

Cenobitic Monasteries, Meteora, Greece Meteora consists of about 60 huge columns of rock, up to 984 feet high, many large enough for a monastery to be built on top. Starting about the year 1000 and extending into the 1500s, 24 monasteries were built, but now only four are inhabited. The Varlaam monastery was founded in 1518 by a rich family on the site of a 1300s cenobitic hermitage. Megalo Meteora was founded in 1356. Parts of its church date from the 1300s. The Meteora monasteries contain churches, libraries filled with ancient books, treasuries filled with icons and liturgical ornaments, and artwork and frescoes beyond your wildest imagination. Each stone, each piece of lumber, the workers, the monks and the art treasures were all transported up or down using rope. Info: -- Jim Humberd, Burbank
Greece National Tourism Organization
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