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Moaning Cavern

Distance: 378 miles one-way. As I step off a 25-foot-tall wooden platform, a shrill scream nearly drowns out the high-pitched zipping sound of a metal trolley spinning along a half-inch metal cable just above me. Legs flailing, hair blowing in the wind, a white-knuckle grasp on a harness, I fly at 40 mph toward a tiny tower, barely visible in the distance. A blur of trees, shrubs and hiking trails flies past my feet. It's all happening so fast that it's hard to take in. If only that annoying girlie scream would stop. Wait a minute. That falsetto is mine. Then it's over. Somehow I miraculously slow down and swing to a stop, and I'm standing on the other tower, ready to do it again. -- Hugo MartínStephen Osman / Los Angeles Times