2014 Trip Planning Guide

New adventures await in the new year. Pack our best suggestions on destinations -- budget or luxury, for children or for art lovers -- and our slate of useful tips, then get ready for the trip of your lifetime.

Traveling in 2014? Here are 14 things to know

Hotel rates, cabs versus Uber and Lyft, Las Vegas, car rentals, vaccines, river cruises — here's what to know before you go.

Music venues to attract travelers who march to their own beat

14 concerts, festivals and bars around the world that add something special to the sights and sounds of a trip abroad.

L.A. Times Travel Show: 14 photo tips to remember for 2014

You¿ve come home from your trip and you¿re looking through your photos¿but they¿re not as dynamic as the destination you¿re remembering. Our photo experts and editors gathered a list of 14 tips for making those memories as good as those in your mind¿s eye.

14 tips for traveling with friends

Travel: Tips and tricks to keep everyone happy when vacationing or touring with a group of pals.

Travel websites that help save money or make your trip go smoothly

A cheat sheet to travel websites that can help you save money on hotels or transportation, or plan what to do.

Apps to improve your travel experience in 2014

Whether you are looking for sites to see, want to plan an itinerary or check airport transportation, there is an app to make your travels easier.

The smart way to travel with a smartphone

On the Spot: Surprise roaming and data charges can be staggering when using a smartphone abroad. Here's 14 tips to save cash while staying connected.

California national parks, monuments and sites

A list of California national parks, monuments and sites, from Alcatraz Island to Yosemite National Park.

State and territory tourist office phone numbers and websites

List of U.S. state and territory tourism office

Major airline alliances

A list of major airline alliances for frequent flier partnerships

Airline phone numbers and websites

A list of selected airlines that offer flights out of major U.S. cities

Foreign tourist office phone numbers and websites

List of tourist information contacts for foreign travel

Rental car agency phone numbers and websites

Contact information for rental car agencies in the U.S. and abroad