Remember the good old days when you didn't have to bring your own food on an airplane but instead got Champagne and macadamia nuts?

Regarding "Please Don't Share That" [Letters, March 12]: I agree that bringing foods on an airplane where the air is recirculated (stale) is not the nicest thing. With people demanding low airfares, and labor costs high, what's an airline to do?

I try to ignore folks who carry on stinky food, dress as though they're on their couch at home and act as if they were brought up in a bad environment.


For those of us who flew when airlines had a different model, the memories of macadamia nuts, orchids on food trays and Champagne or a mai tai in economy are a pleasant memory. Complimentary too!

Sourcing local products was a nice touch as well. See's candy in business out of California airports was always a favorite.

- Paul Brown, Santa Ana

Vegas fees? No thanks

I agree with the letter writer who decried Las Vegas fees ["Flee the Fees," March 12].

I also have stopped going to Las Vegas and other places because of the extra fees that are tacked on to your bill. Airline fees, hotel fees, and let's not forget the fees that some restaurants add to the bill.

Maybe, just maybe, the people of this country need to stop traveling for a week to send a message.

- Charles P. Martin, Los Angeles


It looks as though Las Vegas hotel owners are doing their best to keep visitors away instead of making them welcome.

With more money being spent on dining, shopping and entertainment and away from gambling, hotel people look as though they are trying to make up for the loss of gaming revenue by implementing every kind of extra fee possible.

If it ever gets to the point where casinos do away with the "comp drink" for their gamblers just to save money, as some casinos are now studying, the whole Vegas thing will probably come tumbling down, not unlike Humpty Dumpty.

Let's hope that all the new resort fees, parking fees and whatever fees do not escalate into something that will turn Vegas into the most expensive ghost town on the planet.

- Bill Spitalnick, Newport Beach