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Lucille Ball Festival of Comedy to celebrate the comedian's centennial

The comedy queen will be regally remembered Aug. 3 to 7 during the Lucille Ball Festival of Comedy in Jamestown, N.Y. The festival coincides with the centennial of her birth there on Aug. 6, 1911.

"She's the high-water mark in situation comedy," said Joan Rivers, who will be among the funny people performing during the celebration.

Rivers, who worked with Ball on several of her later TV shows, believes Ball broke plenty of ground — and not just for females.

"I think funny is funny," she said. "Whether you're a man or a woman, one wonderful thing about comedy is you either make 'em laugh or you don't."

"I got a master's degree in timing from her," Rivers concluded. "Watching her work, watching her on a set, watching her dissect a script — knowing what was funny, what were the big jokes, what were the small jokes — it was a master class."


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