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Gold Point, Nev.

Herb Robbins' home is in Las Vegas, a three-hour drive to the southeast of the dusty former mining town of Gold Point. On weekdays, he works as a wallpaper hanger. On weekends, he comes here to work as a carpenter, plumber and roofer, toiling to bring back this western Nevada town, which boomed when gold was discovered here in 1908 and went bust a couple of years later.

As the town prepares to celebrate its centennial, Robbins puts on his sheriff's badge and his six-shooter and proudly shows visitors the fruits of his labors: a ghost town back from the dead.

-- Jay Jones

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Planning your trip:

Gold Point is about a three-hour drive northwest from Las Vegas on U.S. 95 or a 5 1/2 -hour drive from Los Angeles by U.S. 395. Herb Robbins encourages people to contact him before visiting:, (775) 482-4653.

Jay Jones
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