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Depression-era in San Francisco

In the face of the hard times between 1929 and 1941, including a bitter maritime strike in 1934, all sorts of strange and wonderful creations and transformations emerged in San Francisco. Murals. Bridges. Even a couple of islands.

In my single-minded mission, I made it to the first nine of these 11 Depression-era landmarks in 24 hours. As a saner, slower traveler, you could easily cover five in a weekend. Most are inexpensive or free. And you've probably already visited several Depression landmarks without thinking of them that way.

-- Christopher Reynolds

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Planning your trip:

San Francisco City Guides, (www.sfcityguides.org), an all-volunteer walking-tour organization arranges walks to about 30 city sites every month, including many '30s landmarks.

Dave Getzschman / For the Times
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