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See all 50 states in 160 hours

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The fastest route to see all 50 states (with a few flights) in America.

If you're considering a seriously crazy summer road trip, check out the route data-blogger Stephen Von Worley created that starts in South Berwick, Maine, and ends in Taft, Mont.

The Fifty, Swiftly route he created a few years ago outlines the fastest way to see all 50 states and Washington, D.C. — not that he's ever done it or knows anyone who has.

"Average 55 mph with stops, swap in fresh drivers as necessary, and you’ll traverse every member of the contiguous U.S. in just under 124 hours," Von Worley writes on his Data Pointed blog. His Google map marked with driving legs that you can view on your smartphone covers 6,813 miles.

For those pushing for the grand sweep, fly from Spokane, Wash., to make a "three-legged loop to Honolulu, Anchorage, and back" to bag Alaska and Hawaii, adding 36 hours to the journey.  The grand total: 160 hours to tag every state in the union.

How much time is that? Well, there are 168 hours in a week.

But don't expect to go souvenir shopping on this journey. On the Lower 48 ride, you'll average 2.6 hours per state during this drive-a-thon. With Alaska and Hawaii added in, you'll spend "anywhere from a few seconds to eight hours in each state," Von Worley says in an email.

The recommended vehicle for the trip isn't a cushy SUV but a box truck, preferably used, outfitted with a bed and a fridge for your team of drivers. Yes, a team of drivers and cheerleaders is what you'll need to do the Fifty, Swiftly.

Other road-trip ideas to check out: MotorcycleRoads.US challenges two-wheelers with a Nifty Fifty list that points to the most scenic rides to conquer in each state. (Mulholland Highway is the entry for California).

It's also worth consulting 2014's Best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips from WalletHub, which provides insight into which states you want to be road-tripping in and why.

Info: Google map with directions of Fifty, Swiftly driving route



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