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JetBlue brings Major League Baseball TV to the skies -- for free

JetBlue fliers, get ready to hear the crack of the bat at 35,000 feet.

Passengers will have free access to regular season Major League Baseball TV on its Wi-Fi-equipped flights, the airline announced on Friday.

That means you'll be able to see a baseball game as it's happening or -- snooze alert for non-baseball fans! -- access 2,500 live and archived games on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Fliers access MLB-TV, which usually requires a subscription, via its mobile app on JetBlue's portal page called the Hub. The free service applies only to flights traveling over the continental U.S.

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Live-streaming baseball games add to the airline's entertainment options such as DirecTV, movies and SiriusXM radio.

One word of advice: The service is available only on planes that offer on-board Wi-Fi (which JetBlue calls Fly-Fi), so check your flight before you go. JetBlue says 90% of its Airbus fleet is Wi-Fi enabled and the rest will be equipped by fall.

The airline's Embraer E190 fleet, however, won't be completely Wi-Fi ready until 2016. JetBlue started adding Wi-Fi service to its planes in 2013.

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