As he investigates Trump's aides, special counsel's record shows surprising flaws

John Peterson, Manhattan Beach

John Peterson We exchanged both our Yosemite and Palm Desert homes over several years with a couple who live in Paris. As a result of these exchanges, we have become good friends, and have them over for dinner when they're "passing through" Los Angeles. Interestingly, we toured Normandy with them several years ago, and to see and experience France with them was amazing. They also introduced us to their friends in southern France who, in turn, had us to their home for dinner. Again what a great way to experience a country. This summer, we have an exchange planned with a family in St. Andrews, Scotland. Golf, anyone? How much do you think you saved? Over the years, we've saved thousands of dollars. Pictured: Peterson with his son, Matt, left, at a pub in Cork City.
John Peterson
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