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Save the world from zombies at the new Adventure Combat Ops in Las Vegas

First train, then shoot up zombies (safely) at this new experience opening in May

Shoot your way through zombies in a post-apocalyptic battle zone when Adventure Combat Ops opens May 14. The two-hour experience is based on the special operations missions made popular in first-person video games and major motion pictures.

Guests are first prepped for their mission by 10 former Delta Force, Navy SEALs, Green Berets and Army Rangers and then get outfitted with tactical gear and non-lethal weapons. Guests learn how to complete their missions, getting tactical information on how to operate weapons, gathering intelligence, breaching, clearing rooms, rescuing hostages and more.

The 70,000-square-foot facility features a complete setup like a city where guests complete missions and test their skills on zombies to save the world.

The indoor, apocalyptic-themed cityscape is filled with zombies and other enemies in “controlled chaos.” Specialty lighting, fog machines, sound systems, scent machines and video projections make the scene even more realistic. Cameras and embedded photographers and videographers capture the action.

Teams can even battle each other.

Packages start at $199 and include a team leader as well as a combat kit with a Masada non-lethal assault rifle, jump fast helmet, equipment vest, ammo, goggles and a two-way, multi-channel radio with headset.

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