Comedian Bill Burr brings his observational comedy to the Mirage

Comedian Bill Burr brings his observational comedy to the Mirage
Bill Burr is considered a comedian's comedian. He brings his observational wit to the Mirage in June. (Koury Angelo)

Observational comedian Bill Burr has been talking about his past and answering listener questions on his podcast since 2007. It's that same style of comedy that he brings to the Mirage on June 26-27.

His recent weekly one-hour podcasts, Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, tackle topics ranging from "The Jetsons" and hipster barbershops to electric cars and how to die at the racetrack. Sometimes his wife Nia Hill joins him on the show. Other times he interviews other comedians. And he always turns up on other podcasts from Adam Carolla, Pete Holmes, Joe Rogan and more.


His experience takes him to the big screen in films such as “Date Night,” where he appeared as Detective Walsh, “Walk of Shame” with

Elizabeth Banks

and the 2013 buddy cop film “The Heat” with

Sandra Bullock


Melissa McCarthy

. Fans of “Breaking Bad” recognize him as Patrick Kuby, a hired hand to Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman, in seasons four and five.

His voice has even been featured on “Grand Theft Auto IV" and “The Lost and Damned” as Jason Michaels of the biker gang The Lost MC.

Up next for Burr, the animated sitcom “F Is for Family,” coming out this year on Netflix. The show is loosely based on Burr’s comedy and stars

Laura Dern

and Justin Long as the Murphy family.

Tickets start at $69.99.

Tickets: Mirage, (702) 792-7777