Kids in the Hall reunite, book a date in Las Vegas

Kids in the Hall reunite, book a date in Las Vegas
The Kids in the Hall reunite in Las Vegas this June. (Treasure Island)

Canadian sketch comedians Kids In the Hall embark on a tour this spring and summer, and although not technically announced yet, the five-man comedy troupe plans to hit Treasure Island on June 5.

So far, the group has already sold out two shows in New York City with dates announced in Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Orlando.

Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson all plan to take the stage in Las Vegas.

Twenty years ago, members of the group ended their television show with a live burial complete with a headstone. Since their eight season run, the group typically reunites about every seven years or so to go on tour. The comedians, often more reminiscent of "Monty Python's Flying Circus" than "Saturday Night Live," reprise many of the sketches from the original show.

Kids in the Hall borrowed their name from a joke Sid Caesar used to tell. When a bit didn't go over well, he would blame "the kids in the hall," a group of writers who hung out in the studio.

Tickets start at $49.95, but book early for a 20 percent discount.

Ticket: Treasure Island, (866) 712-9308