Your California Bucket List: San Francisco's painted ladies, San Diego's green flashes, Convict Lake's rainbows and more.


Armenia What recent newspaper headlines overlook is Armenia's rugged beauty and its mix of ancient history and modern convenience. Armenia is small (about the size of L.A.) and is easily visited in a one-week vacation. It offers opportunities for all sorts of activities: jet skiing on Lake Sevan, hiking in Zankezour or Lori, wine tasting in Areni, visiting ancient monasteries, and shopping and clubbing in Yerevan. Armenians are friendly and hospitable, and the exchange rate is favorable. The political situation is generally stable and, because it's predominantly Christian, the culture is very Western. Info: -- Ara Kassabian, Los Angeles North of Yerevan is the 10th century monastic complex of Haghpad.
Aline Kazandjian
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