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Jo-Jo's Shave Ice

Jo-Jo's Shave Ice Price: $2 to $4 Scoping it out: Yes, we know. Shave ice does not constitute a meal, and there's nothing else on the menu here. But we couldn't overlook this popular Kauai food stand, which offers one of the island's favorite treats. It's an easy stop if you're on the way to Waimea Canyon. You can spot it from a block or more away: a small storefront with blaring red-and-yellow paint, a hand-sprayed sign reading Jo-Jo's and a dozen or more people holding Styrofoam cups full of shave ice, the sweet Hawaiian version of a snow cone. The ice is the distinguishing characteristic here: It's as fine as powdered snow. Choose from 60 flavors, many of them tropical tastes such as coconut and mango, and others such as cotton candy and pistachio.
Mark Boster, Los Angeles Times
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