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Oahu food

Descriptions by Betty Shimabukuro, Special to The Los Angeles Times Spam musubi: People from the mainland are often amused by Hawaiians' affinity for Spam. But do not mock us. We're on to something. For proof, sample the No. 1 picnic food: Spam musubi. Musubi is a Japanese rice ball -- triangular and wrapped in a strip of nori, or roasted seaweed. Spam musubi is brick-like: rice on the bottom, a slab of Spam on top. It's salty, like Spam, but the rice absorbs the greasiness, and the seaweed wrapper provides that bit of umami. It's a favorite at picnics and at the 19th hole on the golf course. Soccer moms make them by the dozens for post-game snacks. Acrylic molds are widely available for shaping the rice, but you can buy servings of Spam musubi ready-made for less than $2 at convenience stores or in the deli section of supermarkets.
Betty Shimabukuro
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