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Oahu food

Coco puff: These sweet treasures are sold by the thousands every year, at Liliha Bakery, about five miles from the tourist center of Waikiki. A coco puff is a cream puff but somehow better, filled with chocolate cream and topped with a buttery frosting called Chantilly here. (Classic French Chantilly, a sweetened cream topping, often with nuts or fruit mixed in, is very different.) Cream puffs are sold at bakeries all over town, lovely but much like what you can find at home. The coco puff is a distinctive local favorite. The bakery, a 57-year-old family establishment with an old-style lunch counter, is also worth a visit, if you can get a seat. Info: (808) 531-1651, 515 N. Kuakini St.
Betty Shimabukuro
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