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Risking kidnapping, or worse, we explored Islamic State's self-declared caliphate in Syria. Here's what happened

The Lightning Field, N.M.

The scene: Artist Walter de Maria conceived this lodging/artwork in 1977. On a high desert plain near Quemado, N.M., 400 steel lightning rods stand next to a plain log cabin. When the sun is low or a storm rolls in, amazing things happen. The Dia Art Foundation owns and keeps the place semi-secret; if you score a reservation, somebody will drive you and a covered-dish dinner in from the nearest town. You must promise not to take pictures of the cabin or rods. My stay: 2001. The details: Three bedrooms, no more than six guests at a time; $150 to $250 a person per night, or $100 for students and children. Open May through October (lightning storm season). http://www.diacenter.org/sites/main/lightningfield
Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times
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