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New Zealand

Springfield on New Zealand: I was in Auckland in 1972, actually, and went to America from there. Back then it was like a one-horse town. It was funky and great, but it seemed very small. The town was backwoods with country for acres and acres. Then when I went back in 1991, it had changed so much. It was so cosmopolitan. It's a small country, but has so many different aspects to it. I filmed "High Tide" in New Zealand. I played a cop who surfed -- and my character would go to different countries all the time. One minute he was in England, the next in France, then he was in America. New Zealand was the perfect place to be when you need a lot of different locations each week. Read more: Celebrity travel: Go away with Rick Springfield Pictured: The view from the deck at the Portage Resort Hotel on the Queen Charlotte Sound.
Amanda Jones
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