From the Archives: School's out, but no summer for the 'Our Gang' cast

The “Our Gang” cast, along with 88 additional child actors, participated in promotion ceremonies at the end of their school year. The 94 students, from various studio schools, spent their summer working in the motion picture industry.

This photo appeared in the June 27, 1925, Los Angeles Times accompanying a story that reported:

School closed yesterday for ninety-four little toilers who will have no more concern with classes until autumn but who, nevertheless, will continue their labors as actors in the motion-picture industry of Los Angeles. The school year came to an end yesterday with the exercises in the auditorium of the Part-Time High School, with fifty-six children from the Child Welfare centers …

The proceedings were started with a xylophone series by Dick Winslow and readings and dances by George Ward, both screen players. …

Then followed the presentation of promotion certificates to the various members of the welfare center classes and the studio schools."Our Gang" from the Hal Roach studio rendered a series of recitations, received with great glee and thunderous applause by the assembly. ...

Hal Roach began the "Our Gang" series in 1922. More than 40 child actors rotated into and out of the troupe during the next 22 years. For more, check out Hal Roach's 1992 LA Times obituary.

The Part-Time High School mentioned in the article was a school for about 3,000 students who were also employed.

The post was originally published on July 9, 2012.

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