Alabama House, Senate Approve Slavery Apologies

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 MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- The Alabama House and Senate approved
separate resolutions on Tuesday  that apologize for slavery.
   The House used an unrecorded voice vote to pass a resolution
sponsored by state Representative Mary Moore. The Senate voted
22-to-7 to approve a separate resolution offered by state Senator
Hank Sanders. Now Sanders' resolution goes to the House for
consideration and Moore's resolution goes to the Senate.
   Legislatures in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina have
approved similar slavery apologies this year. Moore says it's been
a long time coming.
   Moore's resolution expresses deep sympathy and solemn regret to
those who were enslaved and to their descendants. Sanders'
resolution expresses "profound regret" for slavery.
   Both the House and Senate turned back efforts to replace the
apologizes with expressions of regret.

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