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   Without marker, memory of Wallace shooting fades

   LAUREL, Md. (AP) -- In Laurel, Maryland, many older residents can
point to the precise spot in the shopping center where Arthur
Bremer's gunshots paralyzed Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace and cut
short his campaign for the White House in 1972.
   They recall just what they were doing that May 15th afternoon
when they heard that the loner from Milwaukee had shot Wallace five
times as he shook hands in the parking lot of what was then the
city's main retail plaza.
   But as the 35th anniversary of the shooting approaches and
Laurel struggles to retain its small-town identity, the collective
memory of its most famous event is fading.
   Unlike Memphis or Dallas, the site of Wallace's assassination
attempt bears no public marker, and the town is growing fuzzy about
   Wallace's family has never considered requesting a marker at the
site, says Wallace's son, George Wallace Jr.
   He says if the local community wanted one, the family wouldn't
object. But it isn't planning to get involved.
   Lawmakers push for coin commemorating civil rights movement

   WASHINGTON (AP) -- Images of a beaten and bloodied young black
man from Troy, Alabama, named John Lewis helped push President
Lyndon Johnson and Congress to respond to the civil rights
   Now a congressman from Georgia, Lewis wants to commemorate the
movement with a limited-edition silver dollar marking the 50th
anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.
   The Atlanta Democrat has joined with Ohio Republican Deborah
Pryce to introduce legislation calling for the U-S Mint to produce
350-thousand one-dollar coins marking the golden anniversary of the
landmark law's signing in 1964.
   The 2014 coin would be sold with a ten-dollar surcharge,
expected to generate up to three (M) million dollars that would go
to the United Negro College Fund for university scholarships and
improvements at historically black colleges.
   The Fund would be required to raise matching funds from private
donors and other sources before accepting money generated by the
government coins.
   Investigators in Aruba inspect house of 2 ex-suspects

   ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) -- Dutch and Aruban investigators
yesterday went to the house of two brothers who were one-time
suspects in the disappearance of Mountain Brook teenager Natalee
   The Aruban prosecutors' office says investigators conducted what
they termed an "inspection" of the property where Surinamese
brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe live with their parents.
   A statement from the Aruban prosecutor's office said: "An
inspection is a coercive measure aimed at observing or analyzing a
specific place or circumstances under which a criminal offense may
have been committed, or to establish facts related to a criminal
   The Kalpoe brothers were in the family's home in Hooiberg, east
of the Dutch Caribbean island's capital of Oranjestad, when
investigators arrived.
   The brothers objected to the search and had to be escorted from
the property by police officers. They were not arrested.
   Nothing was seized from the home, according to the statement,
and no further details were disclosed.
   The 18-year-old Holloway vanished in the early hours of May 30th
of 2005, the last day of a five-day vacation to celebrate her high
school graduation with 124 other students.
   Legal battle over Birmingham police, firefighter pay unresolved

   BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- Birmingham Mayor Bernard Kincaid unveils
his 2008 budget on Tuesday.
   But the spotlight is still on an unresolved dispute over 15
percent pay raises for police and firefighters approved by the City
Council over the mayor's veto.
   Jefferson County Circuit Judge Tom King upheld the mayor's claim
that the council overstepped its authority. Now unions for police
and firefighters have appealed King's ruling.
   The president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Sergeant Dexter
Cunningham, says the appeal was filed Friday with the Alabama
Supreme Court.
   The city council had approved the raises 8-to-1.
   The Personnel Board then agreed that the council had the
authority to give raises. The raises were set to go into effect in
   Kincaid supports increasing pay, he says, but raises must be the
result of a study to determine a fair amount and must be shared by
other departments.
   The mayor sued the council, claiming it had violated the
Mayor-Council Act, which he said gives him the authority to set
   Kincaid lawyer Emory Anthony says the mayor is the one who
determines the pay increases for all employees.
   It's unclear when the state Supreme Court will rule.
   Military trains its bomb squads at Panhandle base

   EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (AP) -- The work of defusing deadly
improvised explosive devices and other bombs in places like Iraq
starts in Florida.
   That's because the Navy-operated school at Eglin Air Force Base
trains soldiers, sailors and airmen to do the job -- one of the
military's most in-demand.
   The stakes are high, of course. Last year marked the deadliest
year for U-S military bomb technicians in four decades, and I-E-Ds
are the number one killer of U-S troops in Iraq.
   The Navy says about one thousand U-S students and 150 foreign
students graduate from the eight-month school annually. That's
about 31 percent of those who enter.

   Mobile County man killed going wrong direction on Miss. highway

   COLUMBUS, Miss. (AP) -- A Mobile County, Alabama, man driving the
wrong way on U-S- Highway 45 North in Mississippi died in a head-on
collision with another vehicle.
   Lowndes County (Miss.) Coroner Greg Merchant says 50-year-old
Ricky Don Stinson of Semmes died in the accident Thursday night.
   Stinson had been working at the SeverCorr steel mill site for
Systems Incorporated, a mechanical and piping installation firm.
   The coroner says a motorist called 911 just before 10 p-m- to
report a car was traveling the wrong direction on the highway.
While on the phone, the caller witnessed the crash.
   Stinson was driving northbound in the southbound lane when his
Saturn struck a Chrysler 300 with two people, who were taken to
Baptist Memorial Hospital Golden Triangle for treatment.

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