Album of the Day 1/26/12: Echo.And.Drake - Sundrenched Elsewhere

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I'm sure that every music scene in the country is diverse and rich with bands flowing from all sorts of varying genres.  But I'm not convinced at all that most of the other scenes stack up to what we have and are continually building here in CT.  Case in point: Echo.And.Drake

The new full length album from Echo.And.Drake entitled Sundrenched Elsewhere was released towards the end of 2011 and readers of this space will already know how impressed we were by it as it made our short list of the best releases by CT bands for the year.  But I don't think that brief mention really did it justice.  First off, and this has been noted by others as well, you will be hard pressed to find an album as polished and beautifully produced as this one.  There are a lot of great people and studios producing a lot of great albums in CT but this one is pretty close to the top of the list when you look back at the last year in music. 

My first impression of this album remains my strongest after multiple listens: If you didn't know this band was from Connecticut you would swear they were from the U.K.  You would most certainly expect to see a mailing address that included London, Leeds or perhaps Manchester (or "Madchester" if you will) before you would expect to see a CT zip code.  So that alone should give you the first inkling as to where this band's influences align.  The music is wrapped up in so many Britpop trimmings that I feel like I should be waving a Union Jack and watching Manchester United play Chelsea while listening to it. This isn't to say though that the album is a carbon copy of anything else you've already heard.  Because it isn't.  It does however soar and flow much in the way an indie/dream pop album absolutely should with super catchy hooks and melodramatic breakdowns.  But still, you can't help but hearing the influence such bands as Belle & Sebastian, Supergrass, Pulp and of course The Smiths.  This album is highly, highly recommended for fans of any of these artists and genres.       

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