Album of the Day: Nightbitch - Sex and Magic

Three quick observations: 1) Nightbitch is one of the best band names ever. 2) "Sex and Magic" is one of the best album titles ever. 3) This is one of my favorite bands coming out of Connecticut right now.  

You see the band name, the album title, the album cover, etc. and you can probably figure out pretty quickly that this is a metal band.  But this is not just a metal band.  This album is a portal to another time to when all metal bands were rock bands and only history and hindsight drew the line between the two.  It's easy for us now to look at bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Angel Witch, Sir Lord Baltimore, the first three Ozzy solo albums, etc., etc. and say, yup that's metal because it's where metal as we know it rose from.  But if you were going to see these bands in say 1979 or 1980 most people and the bands themselves were simply calling it rock n' roll.  We know better now though.  We can look back at those bands and say they were heavier, grittier, darker, whatever adjective you want to add to it, and it did separate them from your typical bar rock band. 

Nightbitch is the living embodiment of that early "proto-metal" NWOBHM movement (and if you don't know that acronym you are clearly just not a metal fan).  They write songs about...well, about sex and magic among other dark tidings and play a style of music that is completely in step with all of the aforementioned artists above.  Whatever you want to call it, it works and it's awesome. Truly a gem of the CT music scene and highly recommended for fans of early metal.          

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