Album of the Day 2/1/12: Scorpions - Lonesome Crow

A lot of bands evolve and change over time.  Most of the time I'm o.k. with it, especially if each album is a progression of the next.  Sometimes though the material of a certain era is just flat out superior.  That is absolutely the case withGermany'smost famous rock band - Scorpions.

Lonesome Crow is the 1972 debut album from the Scorpions and to be frank sounds nothing like the arena rock that made them world famous in the 1980's (notice I said "arena rock" and NOT "heavy metal"...because honestly if you call the Scorpions a metal band I will probably just stop talking to you about music altogether).  In the late 60's/early 70's there was a great rock movement brewing in and around Germany, affectionately called Krautrock.  An oversimplified explanation of Krautrock is that it's basically experimental psych/acid rock representative of the era only played by German bands.  There were some killer bands that came out of this scene - Can, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Faust, etc. You could easily include much of the early Scorpions material, especially this album in that category.

Much like their contemporaries, Heart, the Scoprions are remembered only for crappy sing-a-long anthems and music videos with big hair and pyrotechnics.  (The only difference is that crappy 80's Heart is more fun to karaoke than crappy 80's Scorpions.)  But prior to committing the equivalent of creative suicide the Scorpions wrote some pretty killer psych rock, complete with ambient experimentation, jazz and blues influences and totally fuzzed out guitars.   Songs like "Inheritence" for example stand up against any other great early 70's rock.  The point to this is that if you like being "rocked like a hurricane" or "going down to Gorky Park" then this album will not be for you.  But if you are into good, original rock music from the 70's then I would suggest giving this album a go.    

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