Album of the Day 1/20/12: Wolf People - Steeple

Psychedelic (genre)Jefferson Airplane (music group)Fleet Foxes (music group)

Did you ever wish you had caught onto a band sooner than you finally did?  Then when you do you wish more people would fall in line and give said band their due?  That's me with England's Wolf People right now.

Steeple is the first proper full length album from Wolf People (they released a singles compilation called Tidings early the same year). Released at the tail end of 2010, this record slipped under my radar (how?!?) until  the calendar flipped to 2011 a few months later.  I have to be honest with you that if it had been released in 2011 it would have easily made the year end list I was asked to put together for  It's that good that I would compare it to the Gillian Welchs, Opeths and Fleet Foxes of the world without hesitation.    

The band is described as a "psychedelic rock band".  I think that's probably one of the biggest musical understatements I've ever read.  Sure they are a rock band and sure they import various elements of psychedelia but this band is so much more than that.  To say they draw from a very deep well of influences would also be an understatement.  There are peaceful, somewhat serene moments reminiscent of all the great pop/rock that flowed out of the U.K. in the early to mid-60's (and these are the moments most deserving of having your album recorded in the Welsh countryside).  There are times where the acid rock influences of bands like 13th Floor Elevators, Jefferson Airplane and Blue Cheer take over.  Then you have those "f*ck yeah" moments I like to call them that make you envision this band sharing a stage with such doom metal/stoner rock stalwarts like Graveyard, Blood Ceremony, Witchcraft and The Devil's Blood.  The best part about all of this is how seamlessly they flow between and combine influences to create a sound that really is all their own.  It's a sound that one moment will take you to be lost amidst the fog of some ancient British forest and onto the mean, gritty back streets of London the next.  This is not an easy accomplishment and one that deserves whatever accolades get bestowed upon them.  Highly recommended if you are a fan of any of the above mentioned bands or genres.        

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