Bad Weather is Good News for Some Businesses

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For many people, the plan for a snow storm means an extra trip to the grocery or hardware store to stock up on supplies to weather out the storm. So while a snow storm is never good news, for those in the retail sector it's means money flowing their way.

At the Cosentino's grocery store in Brookside, the manager says that the store is not usually packed on a Wednesday. But with a snow storm barreling through the metro, manager Rick Harris says people have been shopping all day making sure they have food in case they're snowed in.

"From quick comfort foods to milk, eggs, bread to full shopping, I've had a couple of baskets that were well over $200," said Harris.

Area hardware stores are also being hit with people buying items to deal with the elements. Galen Wilhelm of Strasser's Hardware says that they're gearing up to make sure they have items in stock when people flock to their hardware store.

"Mostly there buying rock salt, ice melt anything to get rid of snow off a sidewalk," said Wilhelm. "We take a quick inventory of what we are going to get, what we have and see what we can get at the warehouses and pick up accordingly."

Like grocery and hardware stores, autoshops are busy too. McCarthy Chevrolet in Olathe says they've been busy with people trying to buy SUV's and 4-wheel-drive vehicles.

"You do see a spike in the phone traffic, not just locally," said Kevin Nachbar, vice-president of McCarthy Autogroup. "I've talked to a guy today from Omaha, Nebraska that we're working with on a Tahoe.

Nachbar says that people are also having their vehicles serviced to make sure when they hit the road they not stuck on the side of the road.

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VehiclesWinter Weather and BlizzardsSalesBusinessBusinessPoliticsHuman Interest
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