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Fans Psyched for Sunday's Nascar Race

Regan Smith

The sounds of race cars can be heard for miles around in Kansas City, Kansas. Drivers and fans are preparing for Sunday's Nascar race. Drivers took a few spins on Saturday to rev up their engines and test the track.

"It's great weather," said Sprint car driver Regan Smith. "There's not a cloud in the sky which is really good whenever we go to the race track. There's a lot of fans here in Kansas who are already so excited."

Before Sunday's race, the high-powered cars must be inspected from top to bottom by Chris Showalter and other eagle eye crew members.

"We're working on the cars, prepping the cars and coming to the race track," Showalter said. "If something were to happen to them during the race weekend, we work on them, fix whatever needs to be fixed."

Nascar fans showed up early at the Kansas Speedway to meet a few drivers and to check out the countless, cool race cars. Some even took pictures and got autographs with drivers.

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