Blogger Impressed that KCI Airport Read His Tweet

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KCI Airport received some praise from a blogger.  

It began, though, with a complaint.  The blogger was at the airport and complained in a tweet that KCI felt like a prison because you can't leave the gate areas without going through security again.

KCI monitors twitters for tweets that mention the airport and tries to help people with problems or concerns. When the airport saw his tweet complaint, it responded with another tweet, telling him the airport is working to increase concessions in the secured area.

Joe McBride, KCI Spokesperson, said the blogger was impressed with the quick reply.
"He said, 'Wow! Fist bump!' and tweeted it to his 100,000 followers," McBride said.  "So that was huge and the other day he blogged about what businesses can do and how to do social media right and gave us kudos."

The blogger wrote that others could learn from KCI's use of social media to improve customer service.
KCI says it can't always fix people's concerns -- but it makes them feel better to know someone's listening to them.

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