MODOT Readies Gear for Next Round of Winter Weather

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A small band of freezing rain caught many people on the east side of the metro area off guard on Tuesday morning, and crews that were forced to scramble to make roads safe are trying to prepare for more bad weather later this week.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, roadways north of 24 Highway were fine. But to the south there was a lot of slipping and sliding as water on the pavement iced up quickly.

MODOT says that construction on the George Brett Bridge near the Truman Sports Complex will slow down crews who use the department's nearby salt dome by an estimated 30 minutes. As a result, routes have been changed to help provide more coverage on the interstate, while trucks take longer to get on and off the highway.

"Right now our crews are preparing to get all their equipment prepared for this storm, to get all their equipment running and running properly," said Terry Stowell, MODOT supervisor. "We are working tonight. We do have a crew coming in to make salt brine to haul that to other areas that are low so we can insure their stockpiles are full for when this storm does start tomorrow."

MODOT will be focusing on the heaviest-traveled highways first, while rural routes will be plowed around once every 12 hours during the initial part of the storm.

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