More Trouble for Downtown Night Club Following Weekend Fights

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A controversial downtown nightclub is back in the spotlight after several large fights broke out over the weekend, and now neighbors of Xpressions want the club closed permanently.

On Saturday night, police were forced to close down streets around the club at Admiral and Grand after several large fights broke out. Police say that details about the incident are sketchy, but neighbors say that it was a familiar scene.

"There's flares all the time, cop cars all the time, which should make you feel safe maybe. But why are they there in the first place is question you should be asking," said neighbor Tom Williams.

The club, which had been the scene of fights and violence for a number of years, opened under a new name and new ownership at the beginning of the year, but problems persist. Kansas City Missouri Police say that they have responded to more than two dozen disturbance calls this year, and the city recently revoked the club's liquor license.

"I feel like every weekend it ends up getting shut down by the cops at some point," said Kush Tripathi.

In January of 2011, a man was brutally beaten while leaving the club. He told FOX 4 he had to undergo surgery after the fight. When the club was called NRG it was notorious for fights and violence.

Some neighbors say it's tough to determine who's really at fault for outbursts like the one on Saturday.

"He has some responsibility in it because he does own the club," said Dedric Holmes. "He should be able to have some control, but that was a situation where there was no control at all."

Not everyone has a negative feeling about Club Xpression. One neighbor feels like the situation has improved.

"When they first started it was kind of wild," said Anthony Perkins who works nearby. "Now, they've everything under control, but you still have "those" people"

The club owner is appealing the decision. A judge is set to decide the fate of the club's liquor license in the coming weeks.

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