Soria: Please Don't Call Me the 'Mexicutioner'

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Kansas City Royals closer Joakim Soria has a request for fans this season: Don't call him the 'Mexicutioner."

The Royals star reliever made the request via his Twitter account on Tuesday, saying ""How about we change my nickname to something positive? In support to Mexico to stop all the violence!!!"

Soria, 26, is a native of Mexico, and in an interview in the Kansas City Star said that he is deeply troubled by the sharp rise in drug violence and murder gripping his native country. According to Mexican authorities, nearly 15,000 people were murdered in drug trade-related violence in 2010.

"It is sad when you see your country like that," Soria told the Star, "and that nickname is a negative to the kids in Mexico. There's too much violence. It's really bad.

"I know I can't really do anything about it, but the mind-set needs to change. People follow me in Mexico."

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