Carroll County History

Founded: 1842


   Carroll County was formed in 1842 after it broke away from Grayson County. Part of Patrick County was later added. The county was named after Charles Carroll, who was the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence.

   On March 14, 1912, Mr. Floyd Allen opened fire in the Carroll County Courthouse, after his trial. Five people were killed and seven more were injured in the gun battle that followed. The gun fight has gone down in history as The Carroll County Courthouse Tragedy.

Points of Interest:

--Blacksnake Meadery

--Blue Ridge Music Center

--Blue Ridge Tree Climbing, LLC.

--Carter Pines Community Park

--Devil's Den Nature Preserve

--Foggy Ridge Cider

--Historical Society Mueseum

--Olde Mill Resort

--Primland Resort

--Southwest Virginia Farmers' Market


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